ARE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WEIRD? It was Nima Arkani-Hamed who once said, “…take the laws of physics and push them to their absolute limits…” An alternative is to go back to square one and re-examine our fundamental assumptions. It is that logic that led me to uncover the assumption underlying Galileo’s Law of Inertia, an assumption that infiltrated undetected into Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. The same logic led me to uncover four major misunderstandings that are at the base of the Einstein-Bohr disagreement on the interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, a long history mired into paradoxes, misconstructions and confusion which culminated into Bell’s theorem, itself deeply misunderstood. Lastly a toy model of a universe of bouncing balls that helped me to discover a new law of kinematics. The logic behind that new law brings new insights into Thermodynamics, Relativity and Quantum Field theory. Part of this book that I wrote is to dispel the notion that the laws of physics are weird. The other part is to present them as basically logical. I can only write this with humility and gratefulness that I arrived late in my life at this junction when logic spurred on this creativity in my mind. I can only hope it will help all those who are serious about solving our problems on a rational basis, and not let feelings override rational thoughts. As humans, we are all prone to fall into the trap of irrational fears and pervasive hate that beset so many in a world awash with disinformation. My sincere wish is that this book will instill in you a new hope.


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